Featured Partnership

Paladin Financial in partnership with Gradient Gives Back Foundation, a non-profit organization, is pleased to participate in the Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program. Together, we invite Americans who have fallen on hard times to connect with us for an opportunity to be awarded up to twelve months of housing payments.

Applications will be reviewed and screened as they are submitted. One family will be selected annually. Apply or nominate a family by clicking the link below!

Paladin Financial seeks to have an impact on the environment, and there is no better place to accomplish that than our local community.

 Paladin Financial participates locally in a program to keep Ramsey County beautiful. Our goal is to build civic pride by beautifying our community in our designated spot, located near the intersection of County Rd 96 and Lexington Avenue in Shoreview, Minnesota. We hope to increase safety and decrease litter and other pollutants through trash removal and other volunteer beautification efforts.